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Store profile: Pakenham


We’re putting the spotlight on a new Pedders store for our January store profile: Pakenham, in Melbourne’s south east. Owner Andre has a go at our 8 profile questions.

1. Store

Pedders Suspension Pakenham

2. Name

Andre De Bresser

3 Nickname?

Don’t have one.

4. Years/months you have been running this Pedders store

Since the opening of the store on October 6th. Have been with Pedders 16 years in total.

5. What makes this a great Pedders store?

It’s a brand new store, and Scott is very keen and a great tech and guy to work with. Am proud to have the chance to be in a new store and make it grow.

6. Hobbies/interests 

Motorbikes, my dogs, holidays anywhere near the ocean…

7. Current car 

XG Panelvan (mobile dog kennel) company car, motorbike.

8. Dream car   

Nothing specific, any Aussie muscle car will do me just fine…

To get in touch with the Pakenham store, contact Andre and his team on 03 5941 6258 or email

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