Battery Testing & Replacement

Choosing the right Car Battery made easy!

Atomic Batteries

Pedders is an authorised dealer and installer of high-quality Atomic Batteries. We offer a large range of Automotive batteries to suit most makes and models. 

Battery Testing & Diagnosis

We'll run diagnostic tests on your car's battery to confirm the state of your battery. If we think it might let you down, we can supply and install a replacment unit. 

Expert Advice

Our expert team will always provide you with expert advice and No Bull so you can make an informed decision about replacing your vehicle's battery. 

Test & Replace Your Car Battery At Pedders

If you own a car or a four-wheel drive, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with a dead battery. Your vehicle’s battery and electrical system are crucial for powering the starter, ignition, and other essential systems during start-up. Additionally, it provides power to vital electronic components even when your vehicle is not running. If you’re experiencing starting problems, it could be due to a flat battery, starter, or charging system.

At Pedders, we offer a comprehensive car and four-wheel drive battery replacement service that includes testing your battery’s health and the charge rate of the electrical system charging your battery. Our expert technicians can quickly diagnose and confirm if a starting problem is caused by the battery or another component.


Signs your Car's Battery may need replacing


Your car’s battery is a crucial component that helps power the engine and electronics. However, like any other part, it can wear out over time and lose its effectiveness. Here are six signs that you need a battery service:

1. Slow Starting Engine – If it takes a few extra seconds for your engine to turn over, it may be a sign that your battery is losing its charge and needs to be replaced.

2. Dim Lights and Electrical Issues – The battery powers all of the electronics in your vehicle. If you notice that your lights are dimming or your radio and dashboard computer are having a hard time running at full power, it may be time for a battery replacement.

3. Check Engine Light is On – The check engine light can mean just about anything, but it’s worth checking if your battery is working at full capacity. If not, it’s time to replace it.

4. Bad Smell – If you smell rotten eggs when you open your hood, it could be a sign of a leaking battery.

5. Corrosion – Corroded connectors and corroded terminals on the top of your battery can lead to voltage issues and trouble starting your vehicle. If you notice a white, ashy substance on the metal parts of your battery, it’s time for a replacement.

6. Battery Age – Car batteries typically last 3-5 years under ideal conditions. Once it gets close to the 3-year mark, it’s a good idea to get your battery performance tested regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a Battery Test and Replacement take?

    Typically it takes less than an hour to check your car battery and install a replacement unit.

  • Are there different types of car batteries available?

    Yes we offer various types of batteries such as calcium and AGM which suit different applications and budgets. 
  • How can I reach a Pedders Specialist to answer more of my questions?

    If you have more questions relating to Battery Service and Installation at Pedders you can get in touch with our Customer Service team or contact your local store via our Store Locator.

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