Pedders Franchise Overview

Discover how Pedders leveraged the franchise business model to extend its reach, all while maintaining superior product quality and excellent customer service standards. 

History of Pedders Franchising 

Pedders established its first franchises in South Melbourne (VIC) and Launceston (TAS) back in 1979. The core operation revolves around consistent technical training and extensive sales and marketing support. Through this franchise model, Pedders has assisted numerous franchisees in setting up successful businesses. 

Explore Pedders' Franchising Models 

The Pedders Model 

Pedders' traditional model enables you to set up and own your business from day one. Though investment levels vary, a typical Pedders store requires an investment of approximately $420,000, covering stock, equipment, signage, and working capital. 

Manage to Own Model 

The Manage to Own option allows you to work in a Pedders store for five years, fulfilling specific goals and performance targets. At the end of this term, if you've met all the requirements, you can become the proud owner of a Pedders franchise store. 

Authorised Dealer Model 

The Authorised Dealer model is perfect for regional locations and privately-owned service centres. As an Authorised Dealer, you are licensed to sell and install Pedders branded products. 

The Zero Royalty Advantage

Pedders uses a zero royalty franchise model, eliminating annual fees or hidden costs. Pedders franchise stores must use Pedders parts, and no royalty fees apply. Pedders franchisees contribute 5% of their monthly gross revenue to the Pedders national advertising fund, which is utilised for national marketing campaigns. 

Why Choose Pedders Franchise Models? 

  • Regular Training
  • Human Resource and Recruitment support
  • Marketing & Sales support
  • World-class products & services
  • Research & Development team
  • Logistics and Operational support
  • Dedicated Franchise support team 

Your Investment and Financing Opportunities 

A typical Pedders store requires an investment of approximately $420,000 AUD, covering the franchise fee, initial stock, equipment, and signage. Extra costs may apply for other mandatory additional requirements. We offer attractive financing packages to potential candidates. Pedders is an officially approved franchise organisation with major lending institutions, offering business finance opportunities to aspiring Pedders franchisees. 

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