$75 Tow & Load Assessment

The Assessment Includes

Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check

We'll complete a comprehensive inspection and condition report on the vehicle to ensure it is in a condition that is safe to tow or carry heavy loads.

Vehicle Weights 

Our expert Technicians will check your vehicle's weight and axle loads as well as your Tow Ball weight.

Accessories and Load Checklist

As part of weighing the vehicle we will list any additional accessories or cargo fitted to the vehicle as presented on the day of the assessment.

Weight Matrix Report

We'll put your vehicle through our world-first software, designed to assist you in better understanding your vehicle weight and load issues.

No Obligation Report

You’ll receive a report summarising the effects of weight on your vehicle, including available Payload and Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).

A Pedders Specialist explains everything!

What is Weighing You Down?

Towing or carrying heavy loads impacts your vehicle's handling and braking capability and puts additional stress on vital components. We designed the Tow & Load Assessment to help you better understand the effects of weight on your vehicle so that you can tow or carry loads safely and legally. 

Our expert team will help you understand your vehicle's load-carrying limits to ensure you remain safe and legal when loaded. If we think you might be overloading your vehicle, we may recommend a GVM+ Upgrade or suggest reducing your overall weight from accessories, cargo or towed trailer. 

The Tow & Load Assessment Process

Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check

Frequently carrying heavy loads puts additional stress on your vehicle's brakes and suspension, and may cause excessive wear and tear on components. We'll complete a thorough Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check to identify if any components may be worn or damaged due to carrying excessive loads with the vehicle. 

No Obligation Analysis & Report

During each step of the check, the technician will document the condition of the vehicle, including capturing images and videos of any worn or damaged components. We'll then present the findings to you in a no obligation report, complete with interactive photos and videos so you have full transparency and peace of mind. 

Vehicle Weight Measurement

We will weigh your vehicle and measure the front and rear weight distribution, giving us an indication of the weight balance of your vehicle, as well as an accurate measurement on your available Payload, based on the Gross Vehicle Mass certification of the vehicle. 

Pedders stores can assess the ball weight of caravans or trailers as this is an integral part of some weight scenarios. Please discuss the practicality and logistics of this with your participating Pedders outlet.

Accessories & Load Check List

As part of the weighing of your vehicle, we will list out all accessories and additional items which are adding weight to the vehicle - these include bullbars, roof racks, cargo and any other non-standard accessories. Our team will provide expert advice on how to best manage the weight of accessories on the vehicle. 

Weight Matrix Report

The World-first program is designed to help you understand the effects of weight on your vehicle. This includes comparing your vehicle's weight to the Gross Vehicle Mass limit stated by the manufacturer and the available Payload. The report will also detail the weight balance of the vehicle. Our team may recommend suspension and brake upgrades designed to imrpove your vehicle's performance when heavily loaded. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the $75 Tow & Load Assessment take?

    The time to complete a Tow & Load Assessment may vary depending on the vehicle, however in most cases the service takes up to two hours to complete
  • Is the $75 Tow & Load Assessment the same in every Pedders store around Australia?

    Approved Pedders Tow & Load Assessment stores offer the same service. The practicalities of weighing your caravan or trailer may change depending on the store so please ensure you discuss this with your Pedders representative.  
  • What happens if the report finds something that needs urgent repair or upgrade?

    If we find your vehicle is overloaded we may recommend a GVM+ Upgrade or suggest reducing your cargo. If we find a part is worn or damaged we will recommend and quote a replacement. It is completely the customer's choice as to whether they go ahead with any upgrades or repairs. 
  • How can I reach a Pedders Specialist to answer more of my questions?

    If you have more questions relating to the $75 Tow & Load Assessment, you can get in touch with our Customer Service team or contact your local store via our Store Locator.

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