Wheel Alignment Service

Types of Wheel Alignments we offer 

Two-wheel Alignment

Not all vehicles require a four-wheel alignment, many smaller vehicles and 4x4s only have adjustment on the front two wheels.

Four-wheel Alignment

Four-wheel alignment is suited to vehicles with independent front and rear suspension. It is common with SUV and larger vehicles. 

4x4 & Load-Carrying Alignment

4x4 vehicles with modified suspension may require a custom wheel alignment to suit raised suspension. 

Performance Alignment

Performance cars or vehicles with lowered suspension may require a specialised wheel alignment service.

Precision In Every Turn - Ensuring You Have A Better Journey

Experience unmatched stability and tyre longevity with Pedders' expert wheel alignment service, ensuring precision in every turn on your driving journey.

Do you need a Wheel Alignment Service?

A vehicle wheel alignment is an essential maintenance service which has a significant impact on your vehicle’s handling, tyre wear, fuel economy and overall suspension control. Pedders stores are specially trained to deliver the optimal wheel alignment for all types of vehicles.

Every vehicle comes with recommended parameters that the wheel alignment should fall into in order to meet the manufacturer’s recommended tolerances for the best balance of ride comfort, handling and tyre wear.

To meet these recommended parameters we adjust the vehicle’s camber, caster and toe angle. Through every day driving these settings can fall out of sync as your vehicle encounters pot holes, gravel roads, gutters and other obstacles that cause vibrations and knock your wheels out of alignment.

Pedders Technicians are specially trained and use state of the art equipment to ensure your wheel alignment is completed properly to ensure optimal vehicle handling and safety.


A Wheel Alignment Service is Recommended for:

  • Vehicles suffering from uneven or excessive tyre wear
  • Vehicles that pull to one side of the road or follow ruts in the road 
  • Steering wheel is off centre
  • Vehicles that commonly drive on rough roads 
  • Vehicles that carry heavy loads regularly


We recommend a Wheel Alignment every 6 months or 10,000km 

The Wheel Alignment Process

Wheel Alignment Measurement

We use our state of the art diagnostic equipment to accurately measure your vehicle's wheel alignment to the finest tollerances. We'll then compare our findings to the recommended factory settings, or if your vehicle has modified suspension we will determine the optimal alignment measurements. 

Restoring Your Wheel Alignment

Once we have determined the optimal wheel alignment settings for your vehicle, our expert Technicians will adjust the camber, castor and toe angle to meet the desired measurements. Once we're satisfied your vehicle has been completely wheel aligned, we will share with you a report detailing the status of your vehicle's wheel alignment. 

Feel the precision with every journey

Once you're back on the road, you will experience the difference and your vehicle will be performing at its best. Over time youre wheel alignment will eventually deteriorate from driving on rough roads and experiencing the usual bumps and knocks that come with regular driving. We recommend a wheel alignment every six months or 10,000km. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to know if you need a Wheel Alignment?

    The most obvious sign that your vehicle requires a wheel alignment is if your tyre wear is un-even and you can notice more tread wear on the inside or outside of the tyre. Another obvious sign is if your vehicle pulls to one side of the road when driving straight or your steering wheel is off centre when driving on a straight road.
  • How often should you get a Wheel Alignment?

    It is recommended that you have a wheel alignment service completed every six months or every 10,000km. If you typically drive on bumpy roads with a lot of pot holes or rough gravel roads, it is likely your vehicle will need a wheel alignment more often as these types of road characteristics are the main cause of poor wheel alignment.
  • Do you have to get a Wheel Alignment when you get new tyres?

    It is highly recommended that you have a wheel alignment service completed after having new tyres fitted as this will ensure you maximise the life of your new tyres. A poor wheel alignment can cause extreme tyre wear in some cases, which may mean your brand-new tyres only last a few thousand kilometres.
  • Should you get a Wheel Alignment before a road trip?

    It’s a good idea to get a wheel alignment before a road trip to ensure your vehicle’s suspension is performing at its best before tackling a long drive. A long drive when you’re wheels are out of alignment will result in increased tyre wear and poor handling performance. A poor wheel alignment could also increase fatigue on a long drive if the vehicle is constantly pulling to one side of the road. After having a wheel alignment completed before a road trip, you will enjoy peace of mind out on the open road!
  • What happens when I drive with a bad Wheel Alignment?

    When your drive with a bad wheel alignment your vehicle’s handling performance, tyre wear and fuel economy will be decreased. Your vehicle might pull to one side of the road and your tyres will wear un-evenly which may reduce your tyre grip especially in wet conditions. Driving with a bad wheel alignment can be unsafe and is not recommended.
  • How can I reach a Pedders Specialist to answer more of my questions?

    If you have more questions relating to the Wheel Alignment Service you can get in touch with our Customer Service team or contact your local store via our Store Locator.

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