$28 Brakes, Steering, And Suspension Check

The Check Includes

Brake Pad And Rotor Inspection

We'll check the condition of your brake pads, rotors and brake hoses. We also measure the thickness of your pads and rotors

Under Car Inspection

Our expert Technicians complete a thorough inspection of your vehicle's suspension components including shock absorbers, bushes, control arms and mounts. 

Shock Absorber Test

Our state of the art Test Lane diagnostic tool tests the vehicle's shock absorbers and produces a comprehensive condition report. 

Steering System Inspection

Our expert Technicians check your vehicle's steering system including the rack and pinion, tie rod ends, power steering pump and fluid. 

No Obligation Report

You’ll receive a report summarising the current status of all vital brakes, suspension and steering systems.

A Pedders Specialist explains everything!

Reasons Why You Need The $28 Brakes, Steering And Suspension Check

At Pedders, we’re all about ensuring safe journeys for our customers. This is why we offer our comprehensive Brakes, Steering, and Suspension Check for only $28.

We take your vehicle on a journey through a series of thorough checks and inspections including a test drive, shock absorber and brake test, undercar inspection and battery test.

Throughout the service our expert Technicians will document each step and photograph or video any worn components so you have complete transparency on the condition of your vehicle. 

At the end of the service you will receive a detailed report and no obligation quote to replace any worn or damaged components that may be impacting the safety and handling of your vehicle.


A $28 Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check is Recommended for

  • Drivers experiencing abnormal sounds or vibrations from their brakes, steering or suspension

  • Vehicles that pull to one side or experience uneven braking 

  • Drivers that experience an abnormally hard or soft brake pedal 

  • Vehicles that have excessive or irregular tyre wear 

  • Vehicles that feel loose or floaty on the road or are experiencing a rougher ride than normal


We recommend a $28 Brakes, Steering & Suspension check before a long road trip to ensure your vehicle won't let you down.  


What Pedders Customers Have To Say About This Service

My vehicle was meticulously inspected whilst I could work quietly in a comfortable and clean customer area. Once inspection was complete I was supplied a comprehensive report with photos showing any concerns as well as a quote for repairs. All for $28, massive value. Thank you

Steve - Malaga, WA

Got the $28 Check done and came away feeling very informed about the state of my ute. The staff were very friendly and explained everything to me in a manner that made me feel safe, informed and trusting. I will be back to make the recommended improvements to my ute.

Dee - Ferntree Gully, Vic

Very pleased with the care and attention I received. Had a rattle in my rear suspension that turned out to be a deflated airbag. They inflated it and also pointed out where the bag was rubbing on the shock absorber. All for $28! Amazing service. Thank you

Tony - Albury, NSW

The Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check Process

Vehicle Test Drive 

As part of the Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check, our specialist Technicians will test drive the vehicle to gain a better understanding of what issues the customer may be experiencing. This allows the Technician to feel and hear for any irregular sounds, vibrations or movements the vehicle may display. 

Shock Absorber & Brake Test

Our stores are fitted with the latest Test Lane brake and suspension test technology, which is used for transparent shock absorber and brake tests as part of the Brakes, Steering and Suspension Check. By using this specialist piece of equipment we are able to check and report upon several key items of information. Where TestLane is not available or suitable, other adequate evaluation methods are used.

Under Car Inspection

The undercar inspection is carried out by our expert technicians who complete an extensive series of checks on the vehicle. This includes checking the components which are essential to maintaining safe vehicle handling on the road, including shock absorbers, bushes, mounts, control arms and steering system. 

Battery Test

As part of the Brakes, Steering and Suspension Check, we will test your vehicle's battery and report on its state of charge and overall health. If we think your car battery may let you down, we will recommend a replacement and can even install it for you.  

Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check Report

During each step of the check, the technician will document the condition of the vehicle, including capturing images and videos of any worn or damaged components. We'll then present the findings to you in a no obligation report, complete with interactive photos and videos so you have full transparency and peace of mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the $28 check take?

    The time taken to complete a thorough Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check depends on the vehicle type and overall condition of the vehicle. Typically, a Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check should take less than one hour in most cases. 

  • Is the $28 check the same in every Pedders store around Australia?

    Each and every Pedders store follows the same $28 Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check procedure and report process. This means you can get the same peace of mind experience whether you're dealing with your local Pedders store, or if you're travelling elsewhere in Australia. 
  • What happens if the report finds something that needs urgent repair?

    If we find something that needs urgent repair we will docoument our findings with photos or videos of the damaged part. It is completely the customers choice as to whether they want to go ahead and have the part replaced by Pedders or not.
  • How can I reach a Pedders Specialist to answer more of my questions?

    If you have more questions relating to the $28 Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check you can get in touch with our Customer Service team or contact your local store via our Store Locator.

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