Power Steering Maintenance & Repair

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Power Steering Service

Power steering systems require regular maintenance and servicing, including checking the pump, fluid and steering rack. 

Power Steering Fault Diagnosis

Our expert Technicians can diagnose any potential issues you might be experiencing with your vehicle's steering. 

Steering Replacement

We'll replace any components that may be worn out or damaged so that your car steers like it should. 

Power Steering Service at Pedders

A car’s power steering is perhaps the most overlooked system, yet requires regular servicing. Not only does power steering help drivers manoeuvre their vehicles more effortlessly around tight corners or when the car is stopped or moving slowly, but it also provides some feedback of how the front wheels are interacting with the road.

Whether you need power steering fluid, or a new power steering pump or hose, you can buy your power steering parts from Pedders and get peace of mind. Our power steering service involves an inspection of the entire system; the power steering pump is checked for mechanical operation, the belts are examined, replaced and adjusted for alignment and tension, and all rack mounts are inspected and secured.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is power steering service necessary?

    Power steering systems need servicing like any other component in your car. Power steering systems rely on a pump and fluid to work, meaning the fluid needs to be changed regularly to ensure smooth operation. If the necessary services are not completed it may cause excessive wear or part failure.  

  • What happens if you don't change power steering fluid?

    Like any other fluid in the vehicle, power steering fluid eventually becomes contaminated and dirty over time. Once the fluid becomes a dark colour and smells burnt, it will no longer be effective and could reduce the performance of your vehicle's steering system. You may lose power steering completely, meaning your steering may become extremely heavy and difficult to control. 

  • How can I reach a Pedders Specialist to answer more of my questions?

    If you have more questions relating to Power Steering services at Pedders you can get in touch with our Customer Service team or contact your local store via our Store Locator.

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