Pedders Fleet Solutions 

With over 70 years of experience, Pedders Suspension & Brakes has been developing, manufacturing and testing automotive fleet solutions for Australians for decades. Our approach to Fleet Management is to enhance the safety, handling and performance in the key areas of brakes, steering and suspension – ensuring we deliver our customers a total solution that is tailored to suit their specific needs.

With over 120 stores nationwide network, Pedders can support your business whether it be operating in mining, traffic management, building, or any other industry that relies on their vehicles to get the job done!

Pedders GVM+ Upgrades


Pedders offer Federal Government-approved GVM+ Upgrades which are engineered to safely and legally boost the certified Payload capacity of a range of popular Fleet vehicles including, Hilux, Ranger, D-Max, LandCruiser and more. A Pedders GVM+ Upgrade may assist businesses in ensuring their vehicle Fleet meet OH&S requirements, maintain legal compliance and are safe to operate when loaded with heavy equipment.

A GVM+ Upgrade increases the legal Payload capacity of the vehicle, meaning it can safely carry additional weight without becoming unsafe or illegal. Our dedicated Fleet team have engineered a range of GVM+ solutions which include upgraded heavy-duty springs, large-bore Shock Absorbers, upgraded braking components and other accessory items.


Pedders GVM+ Testing & Compliance

All Pedders GVM+ programs are put through rigorous testing processes to ensure they are fit for purpose. With our state of the art testing equipment we test our GVM vehicle kits on every model vehicle to make sure they are compliant with the electronic stability control unit. In all cases the Pedders GVM suspension upgrades improve the general ride and handling of the vehicle when loaded. On selected GVM kits our axle load ratings are also upgraded. Independent engineers test and assess the load ratings on our GVM upgrade kits as part of the certification process. This is to ensure all aspects of compliance with Australian Design Rules.

Mine Spec by Pedders Suspension & Brakes

Electric Secondary Park Brake

If you’ve ever tried leaving your heavily laden 4×4 on a steep incline with the handbrake engaged, you’ve probably felt the manual cable-operated handbrake struggle to hold the load, or worse, fail altogether.

This is where the innovative new Pedders Electric Secondary Park Brake (ESPB) aftermarket solution steps in. The ESPB works in conjunction with the factory park brake as a back-up safety solution which uses an electric park brake caliper similar to what is found on many new vehicles. The EPSB ensures the appropriate clamping pressure is always applied by the park brake, minimising any risk of vehicle roll-away.

This kit retains the mechanical hand-brake, and adds the ESPB function as an added benefit.

LoadRyder Onboard Scales

Our innovative LoadRyder Onboard Scales system provides real-time payload-monitoring capability to a range of popular load-carrying Fleet vehicles, displaying accurate vehicle weight metrics to the driver. The system features model-specific calibration to alert the driver when their vehicle is overloaded and beyond its GVM limit. This information can also be made available to vehicle Fleet Managers to alert them when one of their vehicles is overloaded and therefore unsafe for drivers and passengers. This system is an Australian-first and a must-have for major vehicle fleets where OH&S requirements and chain of responsibility has significant relevance.

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