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A Pedders GVM+ Upgrade kit can significantly boost the load-carry capacity and capability of many popular 4x4 and commercial vehicles. Most vehicles are not designed from the factory to constantly carry heavy loads, and can experience suspension sagging, poor handling and brake fade when loaded.

This is where a Pedders GVM+ Upgrade can help. Our GVM+ Upgrades are Federal Government-approved and engineered to offer a fully legal and compliant Gross Vehicle Mass and Payload increase to the vehicle

Pedders GVM Kits include heavy duty suspension components, including springs and Foam Cell Shock Absorbers, which are all designed to handle extra weight. Some kits may also include high performance braking components such as brake pads.

A Pedders GVM+ Upgrade is suited to drivers that carry heavy equipment and tools, have heavy accessories fitted to their vehicle like a canopy or bull bar, or drivers that are regularly towing heavy loads.


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