How To Choose The Right Car Battery

How To Choose The Right Car battery

When it comes to choosing the right battery for your vehicle, Pedders, in partnership with Atomic Batteries, offers a comprehensive range designed to meet the diverse needs of Australian drivers. Whether you’re navigating city streets in your family car, pushing the limits in your high-performance vehicle, or exploring rugged terrains in your 4x4 off-roader, we have the perfect battery solution for you. Here’s a guide to help you understand the different types of batteries we offer, ensuring your vehicle gets the power it needs for reliable performance.

Calcium Batteries

Calcium batteries represent the standard in lead-acid automotive batteries, perfect for vehicles with straightforward SLI (Starting, Lighting, and Ignition) needs. These batteries are ideal for vehicles without Stop-Start technology and those that don’t require significant cycling performance.

If your vehicle primarily requires a battery for Starting, Lighting, and Ignition (SLI) without the added functionalities of Stop-Start technology, a Calcium Battery is your best bet. These are perfect for vehicles that stick to city roads and do not have extensive power demands.

AGM Batteries

For those requiring enhanced performance, Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are a superior choice. Sealed and maintenance-free, AGM batteries offer superior cranking and cycling performance compared to EFB or Calcium batteries. They are particularly suited to vehicles equipped with Stop-Start technology and modern vehicles with higher power demands. AGM batteries are the go-to for drivers looking to support additional aftermarket accessories or seeking a durable battery that can handle more intensive use.

EFB Batteries

Designed to support Stop-Start technology, Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) are engineered for vehicles that demand better cycling performance and can accept higher charge rates than Calcium batteries. EFB batteries are an excellent choice for eco-friendly cars that frequently start and stop, providing the reliability and performance required for modern driving.

4x4 & SUV Batteries

Adventure seekers need a battery as rugged as their pursuits. Our 4x4 and SUV battery range is designed to withstand the challenges of off-road adventures. Available in various sizes and fitments, these batteries are engineered for reliability, performance, and peace of mind, so all you need to focus on is your next destination in the journey.

Why Choose Pedders & Atomic Batteries

Our commitment to quality and performance is unwavering. At our Australian Quality Assurance Lab, every battery undergoes rigorous testing and approval by our engineers to ensure it exceeds OEM specifications and is fit for the harsh Australian conditions. 

When it comes to powering your vehicle, trust Pedders and Atomic Batteries to deliver the perfect blend of performance and reliability. Visit us today and find the ideal battery solution tailored to your driving style and vehicle requirements.



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