Pedders Launches New Retail Website

Pedders Suspension & Brakes is a business that prides itself on innovation, quality and specialist knowledge, which is why we embarked on an extensive development journey to build our new website which launched to the market in March 2024. 

When we began the journey to build the new, we had one main objective which was to simplify the customer journey and make it easy for people to engage with Pedders online.

We understood that many customers expect to be able to experience the knowledge and expertise that makes Pedders Australia’s Number One Brakes, Steering & Suspension Specialists, without visiting a store or speaking to one of our team members over the phone. Customers want to be able to self-service and find the information they need when and how it suits them, via the online channels. 

With this in mind, we landed on an E-Commerce strategy to guide the business on a pathway to simplify the customer journey and give customers a best practice online browsing experience. 

The business then sought out experts in the field to help guide us through the many challenges of completing a digital transformation project and building an E-Commerce website. We engaged expert E-Commerce consultant Greg Randall from Comma Consulting to guide us through the strategic journey of experience design, as well as technology platform and vendor selection. The business first engaged Greg back in November 2021 when the project was in its initial conceptual stage.

The project team then undertook an extensive technology platform and implementation vendor selection process. After a rigorous analysis, the business landed on the Adobe Magento Commerce platform and development agency OSE Digital who partnered with Pedders in the build of the new 

OSE Digital were chosen as the ideal partner for Pedders because they are specialists in Magento E-Commerce builds, have an impressive portfolio of high quality projects and their team are a great cultural fit with Pedders. 

The OSE team worked extensively with our ERP partner Pronto Software, as well as our product data partner PartsDB. During this process we also introduced DotDigital which now powers all of our automated E-Mail communications from the website. 

The website project also sparked a major improvement to our product data in terms of images, features, attributes, specifications and more. This was all required so that customers could comfortably choose the right parts to suit their needs. 

The team also developed a series of configurable lift kits for popular 4x4 vehicles – products that the user can configure to best suit their requirements. We know from experience that choosing a lift kit is not a one size fits all process, which is why we developed the ability for customers to select different height and load requirements when building their lift kit online. This process makes it simple and easy to choose the right lift kit. 

After roughly two years of work between vendor selection and delivery of the new website, we are all extremely proud of the end product which delivers an excellent customer experience, innovative new features and meets our goal of simplifying the customer journey. 

This project was a collaborative effort between many departments at Pedders including Product Management, Systems & Technology, Sales & Operations and Marketing, as well as our external suppliers. 

Some of the key features include: 

  • A full E-Commerce style shopping catalogue with filtering by vehicle make & model and registration look-up, powered by PartsDB, allowing customers to see parts that fit their chosen vehicle.
  • Bookings for services which flow directly into our award-winning internal WorkshopIQ system that our store operators use, reducing double handling of data and improving efficiency.
  • Best-practice site search that allows users to quickly and easily find the products they are looking for. 
  • High quality product data and information, as well as the introduction of configurable lift kits.
  • Buying Guides which provide users with informative content about our product range and complex subjects like GVM Upgrades and lift kits 
  • Improved data quality and capture, allowing for more relevant and tailored communications with our customers as well as marketing automations. 
  • Easy to use navigation and modern mobile-friendly design.

The Pedders Suspension & Brakes team would like to thank and acknowledge the following partners for their involvement in this project: 

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