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Safe Suspension and Brakes This Summer


How important are healthy car brakes and suspension this summer?

Safer suspension and brakes for less

Family, friends and fun are synonymous with the holiday season, but what should be a happy time of year can become the exact opposite if your car is not up to scratch.

We load up our cars and head off to distant, often unfamiliar places, driving long distances in increased traffic, carrying extra passengers and perhaps towing a boat or caravan. With Christmas almost upon us, spending money on safety issues such as the family car isn’t foremost in our minds — but it should be.

We place a lot of extra stress on our cars’ suspension on holiday drives, and the failure of a single suspension component can cause a serious crash. If your car is a few years old, it has probably lost most of its “as new” qualities. People don’t notice gradual wear and tear of suspension and braking components, as they’re not often picked up during a normal service.. Suspension parts control the tyres’ contact with the road and can affect steering, braking, excessive tyre wear, fuel consumption, cornering and more importantly, ride comfort and safety.

Just remember, many accidents are avoidable and your vehicle’s steering and suspension should be checked every 6 months or 10,000 kilometres.

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