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New SportsRyder and TrakRyder Kevlar Ceramic Brakes



Pedders latest range of brake pads are now offered in SportsRyder and TrakRyder editions to satisfy the growing needs of the discerning performance driver.

SportsRyder Kevlar Ceramic brake pads are specifically designed for Sports, Performance and Prestige driving enthusiasts. Pedders Sports Ryder Kevlar ceramic brake pads provide superior stopping power and maintain braking efficiency at increased temperatures.

For those that need extra stopping confidence due to heavier vehicles, Pedders TrakRyder Kevlar Ceramic 4WD and SUV Brake Kits offer superior stopping power that is demanded by those that tow or carry loads as well as the off-road enthusiast. Pedders TrakRyder Kevlar Ceramic Pads provide a smooth bite and consistent firm pedal. Pedders Trakryder Ceramic 4WD and SUV Brake Kits have been specifically designed for towing and load carrying applications where extra weight, extra heat and stopping distances become paramount.

Key features and benefits of both the SportsRyder and TrakRyder are:

  • Kevlar ceramic friction formula for outstanding braking performance in all conditions
  • Outstanding Braking Performance
  • Maintaining a consistently higher coefficient of friction
  • Ultra Low Dusting Pads designed to keep wheels clean
  • Longer Lasting Formulation
  • Dual Rubber Backed Shims to reduce vibration and brake noise

But don’t take our word for it. Here is what our customers are saying!

“Would just like to say how great the Trakryder pads with the slotted Pedders rotors are, the pedal feel is probably one of the best I’ve felt. The combination of the two is next level. I have done around 5000km around the state and cannot fault them. The compound is absolutely spot on and well-priced”

“I have used the Trakryder pads on Hilux and Patrols both with slotted Pedders rotors and I am very impressed. They have a great pedal feel, smooth application, excellent response and effect and, moreover customer feedback has been awesome. Yesterday a customer called me to say how glad he was to have the Kevlar pads on his Patrol as he was coming down the Kuranda range and had not activated his electric trailer brakes and had an emergency stop … the brakes performed faultlessly”

“I had a customer with a VE Clubsport I replaced the front brake pads & rotors. I used a popular sports and performance pad for the front pads, having used them before with great results but the customer was back inside of a week complaining of high pitched squealing at low speed and light pedal application. On test drive fault was found in the brake pad compound. I tried a second set of the same pads. Fault was still present at my road test. Just for fun I even tried machining front rotors. Then I noticed the new Pedders 6720030 pads. I ordered in the pads and fitted them. Fault repaired. The Pedders pads perform fantastic and NO noise. The other pads I normally use have dropped the ball. Good catch by Pedders. I will be running my stock down and changing it over to Pedders pads. Good job. I’ve been working with brakes for about 23 years and I’m impressed.”