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We’re excited about brakes and you should be too!

Brakes are one of the five critical systems that make up the Pedders Performance Star, and let’s face it, it’s impossible to talk about the vehicle safety without considering properly functioning brakes. Whilst it is easy to take your vehicle’s brakes for granted, how much do you actually know about them? Brakes are certainly complicated, with a great deal of engineering going on behind the scenes, but once you understand the basics, you get a sense of just how important it is to keep your brakes operating effectively.

Most car brakes are friction based, meaning that they work by converting the kinetic energy that is taken to move the vehicle, into heat energy that is then released into the atmosphere. Whilst brakes usually work on the vehicles wheel hubs, they can also work on the axles or transmission, and in the case of friction brakes, they can either be drum (older cars) or disc brakes (most new cars). Disc brakes perform better than drum brakes, and stay cooler when used frequently. A key component of a disc brake system is brake pads. Brake pads can be made of a variety of materials depending on the vehicle and driving style, but usually, contain a steel disk that provide the friction needed to stop the vehicle. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand how brakes actually work.

When you apply your foot on the brake pedal, the pressure you apply must be transmitted from your foot to the wheels, in order to stop the car. The vacuum from the engine will boost the force that you generate, and this force is applied to liquid within the system without any loss. This is called hydraulic pressure. The pressurized brake fluid then moves down to the wheel, forcing the brake pads to move towards and tightly squeeze the revolving rotor, generating friction and causing it to stop spinning, which stops your car. Simple hey? Perhaps not, but if you want to learn more about brakes, talk to your local Pedders store. At Pedders, we know brakes and we prioritise safety. Our extensive range of brakes and brake pads covers many different makes and models, and along with offering industry-leading products by Akebono Brakes, Bosch Brakes & PBR Brakes, we now stock our own range. Talk to Pedders about fitting high-performance brakes and rotors to your vehicle, or importantly, get your brakes checked as part of our $28 Tech Check and report!