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Pedders Brake Rotor Range For Tow Vehicles

Pedders offers a vast selection of quality Brake Rotors for motorists looking to upgrade or replace their vehicles orginal equipment. Check out our video for more information on our range of Brake Rotors.

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    Pedders Tow Vehicle Brake Range Options

    When it comes to servicing your vehicles’ brakes Pedders has you covered. We offer our own comprehensive range of brake parts and services consisting of:

    • Brake Rotors Geomet Coated
    • Brake Rotors Slotted Geomet Coated
    • Brake Pads (Ceramic) In both Pedders Brand & Akebono Brand
    • Brake Pads (Kevlar Ceramic)
    • Brake Drums
    • Brake Wear Sensors Brake Shoes
    • Brake Efficiency Testing
    • Brake Fluid Flush
    • General Brake Servicing and Replacement
    • Brake Fault Diagnosis
    • Brake System Rebuilds

    Akebono Brake Pads

    Also, available in store is our range of Akebono Ceramic Brake Pads. Akebono Ceramic brake pads provide excellent stopping power while extending rotor life and virtually eliminating brake dust. The essence of braking exclusive to Pedders.

    Akebono Brake Pads Brochure

    What Happens To Your Brakes When Towing?

    When loading up a vehicle with extra weight we add extra pressure on our braking systems. That’s why at Pedders we highly recommend upgrading your braking components to the very latest in design. All brakes may look the same but Pedders range of brake parts has been designed to offer distinct benefits to assist you with your load carrying and towing needs. When load carrying and towing your vehicles brake pads work harder to stop the car. Pedders range of brake pads and rotors are designed to tolerate these braking conditions whilst maintaining braking efficiency when load carrying & towing.

    Pedders Ceramic Brake Pads

    With ceramic technology, Pedders range of brake pads are an ideal upgrade or replacement solution for your vehicle. Offering a friction formula specifically designed for your vehicle.

    Brakes Brochure

    Rear Drum To Disc Brake Conversion Kits

    If you carry loads for a living you might want to stop and think about the increased braking distance on your vehicle. Pedders offer a rear drum to disc conversion kit for popular utes that significantly reduces your vehicles stopping distance. Watch our video and learn more.

    Pedders Brake Upgrade & Replacements for Towing

    Check out our range of Pedders Replacement Brake Parts and more for your vehicle.


    Pedders Extended Braided Brake Hose Kit 692001



    Pedders TrakRyder Kevlar Ceramic Pads 6820011



    Pedders Slotted Geomet Coated Rotor 6217210SGL


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