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Bosch Brake Pads

Bosch has used its expertise in total braking systems to produce a range of brake pads that offers outstanding performance, long-life and low-noise.  The range also caters to different segments of the market with a three-tiered program that makes fitting the right pads easier.

Bosch QikStop

The QikStop range is suitable for most passenger vehicles and most driving styles. It is designed for everyday drivers who want a premium quality pad at an affordable price. Specially manufactured using non-asbestos, organic friction material, QikStop pads contain lower levels of abrasive metal, compared to metallic or semi metallic alternatives. This lower metal content will result in reduced levels of wear to the vehicle’s brake discs.

Bosch Qikstop brake pads offer:

  • Premium braking performance
  • Low noise and dust
  • 2 year/20,000km warranty

Bosch Ultra Brake Pads

The Ultra range delivers premium braking performance and is designed for those who demand more from their vehicles. The range is ideal for European vehicles, four-wheel drives and those towing or driving a high number of kilometres. Ultra pads utilise heavy duty ceramic friction material compounds and specially coated, noise damped shim technology, for optimum friction performance and long-life

Bosch Ultra brake pads offer:

  • Optimal braking performance
  • Long braking life
  • Excellent noise suppression
  • 3 year/30,000km warranty

Bosch Brake Shoes

The Bosch brake range also includes brake shoes for popular applications. Bosch brake shoes are manufactured using high-quality, low-wear friction material that is designed to withstand operating temperatures of more than 350°C. Unlike some common semi-metallic linings, the Bosch material contains no iron which assists in lower rates of wear and more stable friction performance.

Bosch brake shoes offer:

  • Low drum wear
  • Pre-chamfered for easier fitment
  • 1 year/20,000km warranty
  • High market coverage, including shoes for trailers

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