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$28 Brakes, Steering
and Suspension Check


$75 Tow and Load


We have the following products available at Bendigo

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We offer repairs, replacement and upgrade parts including: Shock Absorbers, Coil Springs, Steering, Towbars, Wheel Alignments, Chassis Parts & Brakes. If you drive a passenger car, four wheel drive, SUV, light commercial, or performance vehicle — we can help you.

The team at Pedders Bendigo is highly focused on customer service. We get it: visiting a local mechanic can be downright uncomfortable, leaving you worried you got overcharged or swindled. Pedders is different. Using cutting edge diagnostic equipment — we work together to find the problem with your vehicle, and present the details with full transparency — so you know the exact urgency and cost of your options.

For 66 years strong, Pedders has been the #1 under-car specialist franchise servicing local Australian communities.

The experts at Pedder Suspension Bendigo will provide you and your car the best service. Located in southern Bendigo, 4 minutes from Kangaroo Flat Station. Our store is also serving customers from Castlemaine and many nearby suburbs, including Axedale, Inglewood and Rochester.

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