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Store of the Month – Caboolture





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We are thrilled to feature one of our newest stores as Store of the Month!
Caboolture’s franchise owner Chris Thomson has given us some insights into what makes him tick.

1. Name: Chris Thomson
2. Nickname: You can’t spend more than 35 years in the Motor trade and be called lots of things. Unfortunately most of them you can’t print.
3. Years/months you have been running this Pedders store: 6 Weeks Yeah!
4. What makes this a great Pedders store? ME ! Being a new store, we have the very latest equipment including the Beissbarth Test Lane and the Beissbarth 3D Laser wheel aligner system.
5. Hobbies/interests: Cars ! Love 70’s Muscle Cars Aussie and American
6. Current cars: Just the workhorses. Commodore SV6 Ute for the Shop and a 2012 Toyota Kluger for the Family
7. Dream cars: Certainly Would not be anything practical. Possibly an XB Falcon Hardtop ala Mad Max? Perhaps a 1974 Ford Gran-Torino Hardtop with a 429 Big Block in Red with a White Stripe. To be really impractical, take the family out in the Munster Coach. Three model T chassis’ welded together, Ford Windsor 289 Cobrajet V8 with TEN Carbies complete with coffin handles.