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Wheel Alignment & Balance The Pedders Way

To ensure the best wheel alignment service, our Pedders stores are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and our technicians have expert training to ensure optimum wheel alignment and balance, providing you with improved performance, comfort, fuel economy and extended tyre and suspension component life.

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Wheel Balance Explained

Wheel balance is the balance of the rotating mass of tyre and wheel. Poor wheel balance not only prevents the tyres from running smoothly on the road surface, but also affects both the car’s behaviour tyre wear. Balance and general alignment issues create noticeably different wear patterns on the tyres.

The Signs Of Poor Wheel Alignment

  • The vehicle pulls to one side of the road.
  • Tyres wear evenly, but quickly.
  • Tyres wear on the edges – either inner or outer edges, not both.
  • Tyre develops a feathered or saw-tooth pattern where one edge of each tread element is worn smooth while the outer edge is sharp and ragged.
  • Lack of steering feel and responsiveness.
  • Excessively heavy steering.
  • Poor handling such as excessive over or understeer.
  • A change in the position of the steering wheel when driving in a straightline.

Why Choose Pedders For Wheel Alignment and Balance

Pedders recommends you have your car’s wheel alignment and balance checked every six months or 10,000km and after any major jolt or impact. Any noticeable change in your car’s behaviour may result from alignment deterioration. If in doubt book your car in for a Pedders alignment inspection. With any wheel alignment Pedders technicians conduct, free of charge, a comprehensive inspection of all steering, suspension and brakes.

SportsRyder Wheel Alignment

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