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LoadRyder Onboard Scales

LoadRyder Onboard Scales equips your vehicle with precise real-time payload monitoring capability. Experience the convenience of accurate axle load and payload capacity data displayed at your fingertips. Whether you’re a passionate traveler or a dedicated tradie, our Australian-first technology helps you avoid overloading your vehicle, preserving its performance and complying with insurance requirements. Load up your 4×4 with heavy tools, camping gear, or equipment, while confidently staying within your vehicle’s certified legal Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) rating.

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Know Your Load. Drive With Confidence


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Stay Safe and Compliant

Ensure your safety and compliance with LoadRyder Onboard Scales. Our system features model-specific calibration, alerting you when your vehicle approaches or exceeds its GVM limit. By adhering to legal weight limits, you drive with peace of mind and maintain compliance with insurance requirements. Avoid uncertainties and enjoy a secure journey with LoadRyder Onboard Scales.

Choosing The Right Equipment For Load Carrying

Pedders Load Carrying solutions include everything that is required to safely carry heavy loads with your vehicle, including GVM+ Upgrades, uprated airbag suspension kits, high performance brakes and specialist 2 and 4 wheel alignment. Our load-carrying range of upgrade products is suited to a range of popular makes and models.

LoadRyder Onboard Scales User Manual

Download your LoadRyder Onboard Scales User Manual. For technical service and calibration, please contact your nearest Pedders store.

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Load Carrying Solutions From Pedders

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LoadRyder OnBoard Scales Kit - Toyota Hilux Gen8 2WD & 4WD All Hi-Rise models


LoadRyder OnBoard Scales Kit - Isuzu D-Max 4WD & 2WD Hi-Rise variants only


LoadRyder OnBoard Scales Kit - Ford Ranger PX3 2WD & 4WD Hi-Ride varaints only

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