Pedders Scores Significantly Above Industry Standard For Franchising

Pedders scores above industry standard in Franchise Relationships Institute ACE Franchise Satisfaction Survey

In May 2022 Pedders Suspension & Brakes franchisees were invited to participate in the ACE Franchisee Satisfaction Survey administered by the Franchise Relationships Institute. Following years of development, the survey is designed to evaluate franchise businesses like Pedders and compare them to other franchise networks based on industry benchmarks.

The aim of the survey is to assist the Pedders franchise team and head office staff to strengthen the franchise program and improve areas of the business that impact Pedders franchisees. The survey is completed annually which allows the head office team to accurately measure changes in satisfaction levels year-on-year.

The ACE Franchise Satisfaction Survey focuses on three main themes which characterise a healthy franchise relationship – Advocacy, Commitment and Engagement (ACE). The survey is aimed at assisting franchise businesses develop in these areas by meeting both the social and business needs of the franchisees.

Across the Pedders network 68% of Pedders franchisees completed the survey in 2022 which is roughly the same number of participants as the previous year’s survey.

The ACE Satisfaction Survey measured multiple areas of the Pedders business including general satisfaction, financial performance, lifestyle factors, leadership, brand passion and overall support.

When it comes to general satisfaction levels, Pedders franchisees were in the 94th percentile, significantly above the industry benchmark and an increase of 3% versus the previous year. The business also excelled in five out of the six ACE dimensions with Achievement, Leadership, Connection, Partnership and Support all well above industry standard and above the previous year’s impressive results. The survey showed Pedders franchisees were strongly satisfied with training, leadership, brand passion and connection.

Within the lifestyle component of the survey, Pedders noticed a slight drop compared to the previous year’s survey, however the business is slightly ahead of the industry benchmark. Pedders understands that it has been an extremely difficult couple of years for franchise and automotive businesses in Australia, and work-life-balance is now a core focus across the entire business as we aim to improve in this area. Work-life-balance was the main theme of this year’s Pedders National Conference, as our franchisees were educated on the importance of lifestyle.

The ACE Index measures Advocacy, Commitment and Engagement, which are key contributors to a high-performance franchise network. Pedders scored 84 which is significantly above the industry benchmark (68) and an increase from 82 in the previous year. The survey revealed that there is a strong inclination for Pedders Franchisees to invest further into the brand, and an extremely low portion that would seriously consider leaving the network.

The survey also evaluated the performance of several different Head Office departments. Satisfaction with Sales & Operations Managers was reported as well above the industry benchmark and significantly above the previous year’s results. The vast majority of franchisees interviewed strongly recommend their Sales & Operations Manager.

Pedders also saw a big gain in how franchisees thought Head Office would act on the results of the survey. In total 86% agree that Pedders will follow through and implement changes based on the results of the survey, compared to 60% in the previous year. This is clearly a reflection of the changes made following the 2021 survey.

Pedders would like to thank all of the franchisees that took part in the ACE Franchisee Satisfaction Survey.

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