Pedders hosts ‘Safety Field Day’ at Sandown Raceway

On May 22nd 2019, Pedders Suspension and Brakes hosted a ‘Safety Field Day’ at Sandown Raceway, where a variety of driving events and demonstrations took part. The day formed part of the Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) 2019 Fleet Conference and Exhibition.

The ‘Safety Field Day’ was just one day of activities during ‘Sandown Safety Week’; an action-packed four days where participants took part in a variety of driving exercises designed to highlight the effects added weight has on vehicle dynamics.

For each test, three specifications of the same vehicle were used. A standard vehicle with no modifications, a standard vehicle with ballast loading it to within 400 kilograms of its GVM rating, and a vehicle also loaded to within 400 kilograms of its GVM rating but fitted with a Pedders GVM+ kit.

The test gave participants valuable first-hand experience how Pedders premium product effectively negates the usual problems added weight has on performance and safety.

In addition to the ‘Effects of Weight’ driving exercises, guests at the AfMA ‘Safety Field Day’ also go to drive Electric Vehicles from various manufacturers and participate in autonomous vehicle demonstrations.

Highlights from the AfMA ‘Safety Field Day’ hosted by Pedders can be seen below.

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