Pedders Scores Highly In Franchise Satisfaction Survey

Pedders scores above industry standard in Franchise Relationships Institute ACE Franchise Satisfaction Survey

In June 2021 Pedders Franchisees were invited to participate in the Advocacy, Commitment and Engagement (ACE) Franchise Satisfaction survey, administered by the Franchise Relationships Institute. The survey has been specifically designed following years of research to judge how well a franchise business like Pedders Suspension & Brakes performs relating to Franchisee satisfaction.

The aim of the survey was to provide Pedders Head Office staff with the information required to strengthen its franchise program and increase satisfaction levels. All Pedders franchisees were invited to take the survey, of which 68% completed the process.

The ACE Satisfaction Survey measured many areas of the Pedders business including general satisfaction, financial performance, lifestyle factors, leadership, brand passion and overall support.

When it comes to general satisfaction levels, Pedders franchisees were in the 91st percentile, significantly above the industry benchmark, while the business also excelled in areas of financial performance, leadership, brand passion and support – all significantly above the industry standard.

The ACE Index, which measures Advocacy, Commitment and Engagement, Pedders scored 82 which is also significantly above the industry benchmark (67). The survey revealed that there is a strong inclination for Pedders Franchisees to invest further into the brand, and an extremely low portion that would seriously consider leaving the network.

A deeper dive into the survey revealed that franchisees believed Pedders support services such as HR, training, finance, IT, product, franchising standards and marketing were viewed as substantially more effective than other franchise models.

The support from Pedders regarding COVID-19 specifically is viewed positively, with 58% of Franchisees indicating that Pedders was more supportive compared to other businesses that they know of. Compared to the benchmark, Pedders Franchisees are more confident about their continuing financial viability and more optimistic about their post COVID-19 growth.

One area that raised the biggest concern for franchisees was Pedders’ stock management which has been a strong focus for the head office group since COVID-19. The global pandemic has caused significant supply chain issues for a number of industries, particularly automotive, due to steel shortages. We continue to work through future-proofing our supply chain as one of our highest priorities.

Pedders would like to thank all of our valued franchisees that participated in the ACE Satisfaction Survey. The business considers franchisee feedback extremely important and will act accordingly to continue to deliver a satisfying franchise experience for all Pedders People.

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