Pedders 2021 Employment Survey Results

Pedders has scored highly in the bi-annual Pedders People Survey as employee satisfaction trends upward

Every second year Pedders Suspension & Brakes encourages all people employed within the Pedders Group to take part in the bi-annual Pedders People Survey. This survey is offered to a vast array of people with different skillsets and specializations, from franchise owners and franchise staff to senior management and head office employees.

The aim of the survey is to assist Pedders identify strengths and weaknesses within the group, plus overall satisfaction levels of the Pedders People. The results help track group improvement and drive business strategy to allow Pedders attract, develop and retain great quality people.

The survey covered all states and territories of Australia and even members outside of Australia that are part of the Pedders international network. The Victoria/Tasmania segment of the group made up the largest portion of the survey (40%) as Melbourne is home to Pedders Head Office, the national warehouse, and the highest number of Pedders outlets nationally.

Overall the results of the survey were very positive, with most of the 13 categories surveyed trending in the upward direction in terms of satisfaction levels over the last few years. Health and Safety was ranked the highest in terms of satisfaction at 92%, followed by Customer Service, Company Image, Management Teams and Well Being – all around 90% satisfaction levels. In nine out of the thirteen categories, Pedders ranked above 80%, suggesting overall satisfaction levels of the Pedders People is quite high.

In terms of employee engagement Pedders People ranked the business at 88% which is a very strong result. The data collected from the survey indicates that a high portion of the workforce supports the wider strategic goals and values, have an emotional connection to the business and are motivated and willing to invest extra effort. Three quarters of the survey would find it difficult to leave Pedders and have high intent to remain in the business, while 81% said they are confident they can achieve their career objectives at Pedders.

Out of the survey data, 93% of people recommend Pedders products to a family member or friend, and almost all Pedders People consider the customers when making decisions. Customer service is a core focus of the Pedders business which is perceived to be a strong point by staff members.

The Pedders product offering also rated highly as people within the business noted that they believed the quality of Pedders parts to be of a high standard with a great warranty offer. They also thought of Pedders as innovative when it comes to products and new opportunities for the business.

Overall, while there were some areas of weakness identified, the business has committed to improving in these areas and the bulk the feedback was extremely positive. The Pedders business has been rated highly by the majority of its people in most key areas and employee satisfaction levels are elevated, with most staff motivated to perform their roles.

This data reflects Pedders as a prime location for long-lasting and fulfilling careers in the Australian automotive industry and the business is proud of the positive culture that exists between Pedders People. Interested in joining the team? Check out our Careers page for opportunities.

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