Pedders and Australian Road Safety Foundation: Uniting for Safer Roads

Safety is deeply rooted in Pedders history. It guides all our endeavours and serves as the bedrock for our corporate mission objective: As Australia’s number one shock absorber, steering, suspension and brake specialist, our objective is to ensure through innovation and technical expertise, that every vehicle that leaves a Pedders store performs to its potential in terms of comfort, handling, and safety.

Aligning with the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF), we strengthen our shared dedication to forging better, safer journeys for all Australians.

ARSF, since its inception in 2010, has been pivotal in educating and creating a safer and more responsible road environment for all Australians. The Foundation has established itself as a key leader in the fight to drive down road trauma across Australia. ARSF operates under the philosophy that road safety is a community issue and that the keys for reducing road trauma and saving lives are in our hands. Their mission is to promote the prevention of physical and mental illness, death and disability that result from road crashes and incidents. ARSF achieves this through innovative road safety awareness programs, road user education, advocacy, research, and community engagement. Their two major road safety awareness campaigns include Fatality Free Friday in May and Rural Road Safety Month in the latter half of the year, and they work to create mass community awareness of the road safety issue.

Statistics underscore the urgency: two-thirds of road fatalities occur on rural roads, frequently travelled by over 90% of Australians annually. Our collective responsibility transcends vehicle safety enhancements, advocating for a communal culture of road safety appreciation and adherence. Road trauma profoundly impacts our communities, claiming approximately 1,100 Australian lives yearly, with significant repercussions among children and young adults. This necessitates a communal shift towards road safety prioritisation, fostering environments resilient against the ramifications of road incidents.

Our partnership with ARSF strengthens our shared mission to mitigate these detrimental road safety impacts. By partnering with ARSF on impactful road safety awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and community engagement, we aim to have a positive impact on road safety across the nation.

For a comprehensive understanding of ARSF’s instrumental work in road safety enhancement, and to join us in championing this important cause, visit

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