Mechanic to Franchise Owner – Peter Bray

Pedders Suspension & Brakes is not just a business; it’s a family of dedicated individuals with shared goals and a single vision to provide Better Journeys for its people.

The unique stories from our people form the foundation of the company’s success, and one of the most captivating is that of Peter Bray. Peter joined Pedders back in 1983 as a mechanic in Queensland and has since experienced an inspiring journey of growth and success.

We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Peter to delve into his journey with Pedders, his motivations, his achievements, and the lessons he has learned over the years. Here’s what Peter had to share.

Can you share how your journey with Pedders began?

“I joined Pedders back in 1983 as the original mechanic in Queensland. At that stage, we were a small team – a manager, a sales rep, and me. The workshop had very little – just stands, floor jacks, and an upturned stock crate as a workbench. Things, however, changed pretty quickly, and so did my role.”

Could you elaborate further on how your role at Pedders evolved over time?

“As the company embarked on franchising, my position transitioned as I went from mechanic to store manager with the opening of Pedders Slacks Creek. I then became a Sales Rep, and eventually, the State Sales Manager. I later worked as an Area Manager for Trevor Borinetti for about four years, and in 1997, I purchased Pedders Cairns from Trevor.”

What led you to purchase a Pedders franchise?

“It was ideal timing. My then young family was growing, and the opportunity to own a Pedders Franchise presented itself with the support of Ron Pedder and the family. We seized the opportunity, and since then, our business has flourished.”

What do you think has been the secret to your success with Pedders?

“Being successful in retail and trade alike is about creating that relationship first and foremost. Having the experience, knowledge, and product is secondary. The Pedders family – store owners, head office people, and people like Ron Pedder, Bill Orders, Mark Pedder, Scott Pedder – have all contributed to our success. But no one more than my wife and life partner, Jeanette.”

What motivates you, and what are you most proud of achieving?

“My motivation is to retire and leave a well-respected legacy, which I believe we have, thanks to my team of like-minded and dedicated people. My greatest memory I guess was travelling to Sema, US, and experiencing the reach of this great company – what an eye-opener!”

Peter’s journey from the original Queensland mechanic to a successful franchise owner at Pedders is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and the power of strong relationships. It’s a story that inspires and motivates others who aspire to a rewarding career in the automotive industry.

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