Elevate Your Ride: The Advantages of Installing Pedders Airbags

Pedders Airbags enhance load-carrying capabilities for vehicles, maintaining ride height under heavy loads. They're ideal for vehicles used in towing and transporting significant weight, offering additional support for both coil and leaf spring vehicles, preventing suspension sag when loaded.

How Do Pedders Airbags Work?

Pedders Airbags function by utilising air pressure to adjust the spring rate of your vehicle's suspension system dynamically. This adjustment is key to maintaining a consistent ride height, irrespective of the load your vehicle carries. When the airbags are inflated, they fill the gap in the suspension, providing additional support that prevents sagging under heavy loads. This system not only contributes to a level and stable ride but also adapts to varying load conditions, ensuring optimal performance and comfort. The airbags' ability to adjust the spring rate in real-time allows for a customisable driving experience, tailored to the specific demands of any journey, be it a light commute or a heavy-duty haul.

Benefits of Upgrading to Pedders Airbags

Pedders Airbags offer a multitude of advantages, directly addressing the common challenges faced by vehicles under strain from heavy loads. By improving the load-carrying performance, these airbags significantly mitigate the risks of instability and excessive body roll, common in vehicles burdened with weight. The prevention of bottoming out on uneven terrains protects the undercarriage from potential damage, while simultaneously enhancing the lifespan of shock absorbers and springs. This comprehensive upgrade not only elevates the safety standards of your driving experience but also contributes to the longevity of your vehicle's suspension components.

Installation and Maintenance

For optimal results and safety, Pedders advocates for the professional installation of their airbag systems. Expert installation ensures that the airbags are correctly positioned and calibrated to your vehicle's specifications, maximising the benefits while minimising risks. Maintenance plays a crucial role in the longevity and effectiveness of airbags. Regular checks are recommended to monitor air pressure, particularly important as load dynamics change. This ensures that the airbags continue to provide the necessary support and adjustability, maintaining vehicle stability and suspension performance over time.

How to Choose the Correct Airbags for my Vehicle?

A detailed consultation with a Pedders specialist can provide personalised recommendations, ensuring that you select the airbag suspension kit that aligns with your needs. Whether your vehicle is used for frequent towing, heavy transportation, or simply to enhance the driving experience, the right Pedders Airbags can make a significant difference in performance and safety.

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Are Airbags Good for Towing a Caravan?

Airbags significantly enhance stability and reduce sway while towing a caravan by bolstering the suspension system, particularly on the rear axle. This reinforcement helps mitigate the lateral movements and shifting loads associated with towing, ensuring a smoother and more controlled driving experience.

Do Airbags Increase GVM?

No, airbags do not increase the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) rating of your vehicle. They serve as a support system for the existing suspension, improving the vehicle's load-carrying capability and stability without altering its legally defined weight limits.

To increase your GVM Rating, check out the Pedders Range of GVM+ Kits.

When Should I Consider Airbags for my Vehicle?


Signs you might need airbags for your vehicle include experiencing:


Excessive body roll or sway, particularly when towing or carrying heavy loads


Your vehicle sags in the rear when loaded


Feeling a decrease in steering precision or braking efficiency due to uneven weight distribution


Observing that your vehicle bottoms out on rough terrain or when driving over bumps.


These issues indicate that your suspension may need additional support to handle the demands of heavy loading or towing, for which airbags can provide an effective solution.


If you need Airbags or would like to discuss your options with a Pedders Expert, please book in with your local Pedders store!

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