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Lock and Load with Pedders GVM Upgrade Solutions!

If you carry loads for a living or are serious about what you take with you on your next journey then look no further. Pedders GVM Upgrade Solutions offer one of the best suspension upgrades for your vehicle proudly backed by our nationwide network of certified installers and service centres.

When your vehicle is fully loaded for the journey ahead or if you are carrying the tools of your work trade, chances are that your vehicle may be overloaded beyond its GVM and Payload capacity and you may not even know it. Common items such as tools, tool boxes, cargo, bull bars, winches, towbars, fuel, accessories, passengers, recovery gear all combine to add weight to your vehicle and decrease the available payload. It is also important to note that if you have purchased a cab/chassis, the weight of any tray or service body is considered to be part of the “kerb weight” - therefore further reducing the available payload.

Every vehicle on our roads today has an official legally allocated Gross Vehicle Mass rating (GVM) and Payload Capacity (how much weight a vehicle can carry in both passengers and cargo in the cab and tray bed). The GVM rating is the maximum allowable weight figure (in kg’s) as specified by the manufacturer when fully loaded. It’s essentially the maximum legal weight, that you can safely drive at for that particular vehicle.

Pedders now offer a GVM+ upgrade solution for selected models to assist in compliance for GVM and axle ratings. Through exhaustive and detailed testing, the Pedders GVM+ Upgrade Kits have been approved by (Commonwealth) Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

So if you’re unsure about the GVM of your vehicle or if you think that you are running your vehicle over the legal weight limit, then book your car into one of our Pedders outlets for a Pedders Tow & Load Assessment. With the use of our approved Pedders Tow & Load Assessment outlets, we can check the axle weight and corner weights of your vehicle to determine the overall weight of your vehicle. Additionally we can then advise you if your vehicle is overloaded and what options are available for your vehicle.


GVM Upgrade Solutions from Pedders:


  • We offer Australian certified suspension upgrade kits that comprise heavy duty Pedders Suspension components, drive shafts and joints. This means that all of our GVM upgrade solutions kits are endorsed and certified by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport.
  • All components installed as part of a Pedders GVM upgrade package are backed by a Pedders 2 Year/40,000kms Nationwide Warranty.
  • Ideal choice for towing caravans, horse floats, camper and general trailers who need that extra load carrying capacity.
  • Great for serious four wheel drives fitted with bull bars, winches, recovery equipment, drawer systems, camping gear and underbody protection looking for compliance to the federal and state GVM laws.
  • When the GVM Upgrade kit has been installed to a new vehicle by the trained Pedders technicians at a Pedders store, a compliance plate will be fitted. The new vehicle can now be registered with new increased G.V.M. This procedure will allow the vehicle to be legally used in all states of Australia. For vehicles that have already been road registered, the vehicle is to be inspected by an authorised Automotive Engineer in that state and be issued with a compliance certificate.
  • So, if you are planning ahead with an impending new vehicle purchase, or have realised that your current vehicle isn’t quite handling the load we have the solution.

Official Approval Documentation Links:

You can find the official approval documentation for each Pedders GVM kit we offer by clicking here.

New & Used Vehicle Information

Pedders GVM+ upgrade solutions for selected vehicle models assist in compliance for increased certified GVM ratings. Click here for more information.


To find your nearest GVM+ Approved Fitting Outlet, click here.

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Bendigo TL+ GVM 03 5447 0009 Details
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Ferntree Gully TL+ GVM 03 9756 0599 Details
Frankston GVM 03 9783 1378 Details
Geelong TL+ GVM 03 5221 3233 Details
Heidelberg TL+ GVM 03 9458 2555 Details
Hoppers Crossing TL+ GVM 03 9369 8856 Details
Lilydale TL+ GVM 03 9737 6993 Details
Lloyd Street Tyre & Auto Service GVM 03 5127 3588 Details
Moorabbin TL+ GVM 03 9555 5044 Details
Mornington GVM 03 5975 5633 Details
Pakenham TL+ GVM 03 5941 6258 Details
Sale GVM 03 5143 0555 Details
Seymour GVM 03 5799 0440 Details
Shepparton GVM 03 5831 2866 Details
South Melbourne GVM 03 9699 4630 Details
Traralgon GVM 03 5174 7233 Details
Warragul GVM 03 5623 4622 Details
Warrnambool GVM 03 5561 1855 Details