New Product Release-Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4 bushes

Pedders continue to add to their 4x4 parts program with a range of polyurethane bushing solutions for the Land Rover
Discovery (Series 3 & 4) and Range Rover (incl Sport) models.
Covering all the front and rear control arm bushings, Pedder’s bushings boast design features that provide:
• Ease of installation – no press required.
• Friction management (no groans or squeaks) via the internal bore grease retention system.
• Strength and articulation required for off-road performance.
• 2 Year 40,000km Nationwide Warranty.

Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4 (2004 on)
Range Rover incl. Sport (2005 on)

EP6701 Control arm - lower front bushing 1 Front
EP6702 Control arm - lower rear bushing 1 Front
EP6703 Control arm - upper front & rear bushing 1 Front
EP7339 Control arm - lower front bushing 1 Rear
EP7340 Control arm - lower rear bushing 1 Rear
EP7341 Control arm - upper front bushing 1 Rear
EP7342 Control arm - upper rear bushing 1 Rear