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Towing Solutions - Jargon Busting!

In this video we’ll point to the issues, problems and considerations involved in helping you reach for the best customised solution when carrying load or towing with your vehicle. Key terms like these are all explained in detail to help you make your decision on what is best for your tow vehicle’s suspension and brakes. Not sure where to start? Why not book your vehicle in for a Pedders Tow & Load Assessment.

Pedders Towing & Load-Carrying Brochure

  • Towing Capacity
  • Tow Ball Down Weight
  • GVM – Gross Vehicle Mass
  • GCM – Gross Combination Mass
  • GALR – Gross Axle Load Rating

Pedders Virtual Tech Stop – 7 – Jargon Busting

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    Why Choose Pedders?

    Towing and carrying loads can have a negative effect on the comfort of the ride as well as your vehicle’s traction, steering, braking and handling. To solve these problems, Pedders recommends replacement of suspension and brakes. Getting specially tuned parts fitted can restore your vehicle’s height and safety. To Find out more click here.

    Upgrading your Tow Vehicle with Pedders

    At Pedders we don’t believe in one size fits all, that’s why we ask our customers how they use their vehicles, weigh their vehicle and trailer setup, and then provide a tailored solution that meets the exact needs of the customer. Our towing range includes Tow Bars & brake controllers, heavy duty springs & shocks, AirAssist Air Bag suspension, GVM+ Upgrades, and brake upgrade parts and kits. Enquire today about a solution to suit your needs!

    Just want a better understanding of the weights your working with and how they are effecting your vehicle? book a Tow & Load Assessment today.

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    Upgrading your Tow Vehicle’s suspension & brakes

    Additional weight that your vehicle feels when towing magnifies the force on its suspension and braking systems. Additional weight, especially when towing, significantly reduces suspension control and can cause wheel alignment and vehicle handling issues. Pedders offers a range of towing solutions to correct these issues and ensure your vehicle and trailer sit level, including heavy duty springs & shocks and AirAssist Air Bag suspension.

    Additional weight from a trailer also effects braking performance. More weight means more heat and stress which increases stopping distances. Get the best stopping power and braking performance here so your vehicle can tow safely.

    Reviewing your Tow Vehicle’s payload and accessories

    Find out how weight from trailers, accessories and cargo affects your vehicle’s braking distance and GVM (gross vehicle mass) with our Pedders Weight Matrix (TM). We developed a world-first program which allows you load up your virtual vehicle in different scenarios and assist you in better understanding how weight can affect it. Try it out here.

    Find your nearest Pedders Location

    A Pedders Tow & Load expert can help you improve your vehicle’s towing capability and ensure your vehicle is safe and rated to tow or carry the load you need. Our trained technicians can even weigh your vehicle and trailer in-store to ensure you know your load! Find your nearest store today.

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    Frequently asked Towing questions

    How to upgrade towing capacity?

    Currently there is no Australian Federal Government-approved engineering test to legally increase the towing capacity of a vehicle. As such we cannot increase the official towing capacity rating of a vehicle, we can only offer products that allow the vehicle to tow this weight more safely and effectively.

    How much does it cost to install a Tow Bar?

    The cost to install a Tow Bar depends on the vehicle type and the load-rating of the tow bar. Higher quality heavy-duty tow bars can be more costly, however they are generally engineered to higher standards to ensure they are safe to carry the rated load.

    Where do I get a tow bar fitted?

    Pedders stores are licensed to sell and install Hayman Reese Tow Bars. Pedders has more than 70 locations nation-wide that can not only supply and install a Tow Bar, but also weigh your trailer and confirm your tow vehicle’s Towing Capacity to ensure you stay safe and legal when towing!

    I want to browse products online

    Check out our range of Pedders products to assist your vehicle when it carries load.


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