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Available Services 

$28 Brakes, Steering And Suspension Check

A comprehensive check on the condition of your vehicle's vital handling components

Wheel Alignment

An essential maintenace to return your vehicle's suspension geometry to the factory settings

$75 Tow And Load Assessment

Understand the effects of weight on your vehicle when towing or carrying loads

Visit our Pedders Store at Mildura

Pedders Mildura are the suspension and brakes specialists in the Mildura area, and the team offer repairs, replacement and upgrade parts including: Shock Absorbers, Coil Springs, Steering, Towbars, Wheel Alignments, Chassis Parts & Brakes. If you drive a passenger car, four wheel drive, SUV, light commercial, or performance vehicle, Pedders Mildura can help you.


The team at Pedders Mildura are highly focused on customer service. Using cutting edge diagnostic equipment and innovative workshop reporting, we work together to find the problem with your vehicle, and present the details with full transparency, so you know the exact urgency and cost of your options.


Since 1950, Pedders has been the #1 under-car specialist franchise servicing local Australian communities.


Visit Pedders Mildura for the best quality service from Australia’s #1 under-car specialists. We are located in Mildura and our store is also serving customers from many nearby suburbs.

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