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      Sydney Car Suspension – Find Pedders

      If you’re looking for reliable 4×4 suspension or airbag suspension in Sydney, come to Pedders first.

      Your vehicle’s suspension system isn’t simple to understand, but it is vital in keeping your car stable and safe. You don’t need to know how the parts of your suspension system work. But you do need to come to experts like Pedders who have been working as suspension experts for over 60 years, developing ranges of products such as SportsRyder.

      The TrakRyder range is an advanced suspension system specifically tailored to suit the needs of 4wd vehicles. Combined with our world’s first Tow and Load Assessment service this system allows you to have a personally optimized suspension kit that takes into consideration the needs of your 4×4 vehicle and the way you most often use it. This has never been possible before. Whether you use your car on road or on rough terrain, you tow a lighter, medium or heavy load the Pedders specialists in Sydney will be able to design the most optimal solution for you and equip your 4-wheel drive vehicle from the wide selection of TrakRyder suspension accessories.

      If you’re having problems with your vehicle’s suspension, speak to Sydney’s experts about replacement, repair or upgrading of your suspension.

      If you want help with something else just click on the product or service you’re looking for.