Pedders Variable Load Leaf Springs


Pedders have a new range of “variable load” leaf springs that will carry weight and provide a better ride when unladen.

For most dual cab vehicles on our roads today, ride comfort vs. load carrying capacity is always a compromise. By today’s standards, we are experiencing more consumers requesting a better ride characteristic from their load carrying dual cab utes. The general expectation is that they want more of a sedan style ride from their vehicle.

Because the modern dual cab utilities are used as both a work horse and a family vehicle, the spring design has a requirement to fulfil dual roles. Pedders have a product to deliver an outcome that will be pleasing to the consumer.

The selected range of Leaf Springs offer:

  • Improved ride quality in laden and unladen situations
  • Increased articulation with a raised ride height
  • Increased spring rate from O.E.
  • Innovation in design and construction

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