Pedders Electric Secondary Park Brake To Suit LandCruiser 70 Series


Pedders Electric Secondary Park Brake now available to suit Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series 

If you tow or carry heavy loads with your Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series, your vehicle could benefit from the innovative new Pedders Electric Secondary Park Brake.

If you’ve ever tried leaving your heavily laden 4×4 on a steep incline with the handbrake engaged, you’ve probably felt the manual cable-operated handbrake struggle to hold the load, or worse, fail altogether. This problem gets even worse as the vehicle gets older and the handbrake cable stretches over time – the risk of vehicle roll-away becomes very real.

This is where the innovative new Pedders Electric Secondary Park Brake (ESPB) aftermarket solution steps in. The ESPB works in conjunction with the factory park brake as a back-up safety solution which uses an electric park brake caliper similar to what is found on many new vehicles. The EPSB ensures the appropriate clamping pressure is always applied by the park brake, minimising any risk of vehicle roll-away.

This kit retains the mechanical hand-brake, and adds the ESPB function as an added benefit.

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Features & Benefits

  • EPB Brake Caliper
  • Firm and secure hold
  • Retains factory manual park brake
  • Auto safe engagement
  • Unobtrusive cabin switch
  • 2 Year / 40,000km nationwide warranty