Pedders Camber Pins – Wheel Alignment


Pedders now has available a series of different diameter camber pins that are suitable for various makes and models.
Our latest range of camber pins are available in paired lots with many choices of available sizes such as: 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm and 17mm.
For regular users of camber pins we also offer them in bulk packs of 10 pairs for the 12mm, 14mm and 17mm pins.
Pedders Camber Pins offer the following key features and benefits:

• Affordable – High quality steel, direct replacement for original parts.
• Designed for ease of installation.
• Allow for quick replacement and easy alignment.
• Restores alignment geometry faster.
• Enables ease of camber adjustment.
• 2 Year/40,000km nationwide warranty.

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