Brembo Mercedes P50028N Brake Pads


Brembo Nao Ceramic Brake Pads
Improved comfort and less maintenance service

Minimized noise and vibration for maximum driving comfort are guaranteed by a superior friction material combined with multi-layer shims.

Full accessories
NAO brake pad set includes a broad range of accessories and installation kits provided to ensure problem-free installation.

Environmentally friendly
Reduced friction wear and low dust emission.
Advanced friction materials in line with the most severe environmental standards.

Temperature range
Adoption of advanced solutions patented by Brembo to minimize noise and vibrations.

Clean rims
Brake dust reduction means cleaner rims for a longer time.

Longlasting parts
Wear reduction of brake pad and disc ensure longer brake system components life.


Part Number: P50028N
To Suit:


  • SPRINTER 4-t Box (904) 02/96-05/06
  • SPRINTER 4-t Bus (904) 02/96-05/06
  • SPRINTER 4-t Platform/Chassis (904) 02/96-05/06
  • SPRINTER CLASSIC 3,5-t Box (909) 09/13-On
  • SPRINTER CLASSIC 4,6-t Bus (909) 09/13-On
  • VARIO Box Body / Estate 09/96-On
  • VARIO Platform/Chassis 09/96-On


  • Fumo 09/01-On
  • UX100 01/99-On


  • LT 28-46 II Box (2DA, 2DD, 2DH) 04/96-07/06
  • LT 28-46 II Platform/Chassis (2DC, 2DF, 2DG, 2DL, 2DM) 04/96-07/06

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