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Winton Raceway hosts Pedders Racing test


The Pedders Racing team headed to Winton for a test day using a Tampered Motorsport day to do so, being these days are a great day out at the track and get to meet quite a few people there for the fun of Motorsport, well worth the effort should you wish to try out the sport at a low cost as they run a few days at Winton throughout the year.

With just a couple of hiccups on the way to the track one of them being bad fog, Mike Ibbott the teams Logistics/Pit crew had already set the garage up before the rest of us got there with the car in tow. Once car unloaded and scrutinized the team went about their duties with getting car ready for the first outing with Team Principal/Driver Grant Phillips doing an interview with Adam Davis from for an article on the car and team. With co-drivers Andrew Turpie working on the Pitman Trucks transporter with more refinements and Shane Jacobson with work commitments left the test day to Grant.

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