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Store Profile: Moorabbin


1. Store


2. Name

Nick Papasergio

3. Nickname?

Big Nick or Happy (at work only). Because all of my Trade customers say I smile too much in this industry that we are in. I never get upset and nothing is too hard for me to do for them.

4. How long have you been running this Pedders store?

8 years

5. What makes this a great Pedders store?

A LOT of hard work and great products, fantastic trade and retail customers. I have the support of the most knowledgeable people in the industry that work for our company, including myself.

I always lead by example and push my team by showing them the passion I have for the Pedders name, service and product. We will always go out of way to help any of our customers find what they need for their cars. “Never say no” is one thing I try to stick to, as some suppliers will never look for a part if it is not listed in the parts catalogue.

Keeping a large range of stock on hand is another major part of a good store, being that when you get that phone call or the customer coming in who needs a part, they want it on the spot and have no time to waste.

We keep a wide range of change over control arms on the shelf to make trade customers especially happy, so they don’t have to press bushes or ball joints out themselves, and we also fit our product for them if we don’t have change over arms.

Keeping your composure when answering calls under pressure is also important! This builds customer confidence and generates word of mouth. At the end of the day, my number one focus is on customer service.

6. Hobbies/interests

Fishing is my hobby; it gives me time alone just to relax, to shut off from the fast pace of the work environment. I can sit back and unwind from a hard week with no one else to blame but myself if I don’t succeed in catching the BIG ONE.

Wood-fired pizza is becoming a new hobby that I have taken up recently. All the family can come around and enjoy a great meal together. I built my own wood oven over the last 6 months and now I get to enjoy it.

7. Current car

Nothing at the moment, I just sold my shorty GQ Patrol that I had set up for off-roading to get to the hidden fishing spots that a car couldn’t get to.

8. Dream car

I would love to build another car, LC Torana with a 6lt twin turbo set up, so I can catch up with all my mates that have these 1000hp street cars.