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Store profile: Cannington


It’s time for our September store profile with Bevan and Kirsty from our Cannington Pedders store in WA.

1. Store

Pedders Cannington

2. Name 

Bevan & Kristy Phillips

3. Nickname –

Bevan: Bevo/Beetle/Blogsy, Kristy: Raso/Klicka

4. Years/months you have been running this Pedders store 

12 Years

5. What makes this a great Pedders store  

Staff, product knowledge and great customers

6. Hobbies/interests 

Family, AFL, motorsport, desert; enduro riding.

7. Current car  

Pimped Toyota Hiace lowered with SportsRyder shock absorbers with 20” wheels.

8. Dream car

Bevo: Rally Car; Kristy: anything with 7 seats!