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Safetrek 4WD Services & Pedders Partnership Announced


Safetrek 4WD Services & Pedders Partnership Announced
Pedders is delighted to announce a new partnership with Safetrek 4WD Services that will see Jim Kennedy (Owner and Trainer) use the complete range of Pedders Heavy Duty TrakRyder Suspension lift kit components on a daily basis.

Ever since its launch in 1983, Safetrek 4WD Services has set out to spread the word about safe four wheel driving adventures to a wider audience as well as offering dedicated training for corporate personnel. Improved suspension leads to increased levels of safety for four wheel drive owners and this partnership will help us spread word even further with training being offered on suspension setup to every Safetrek 4WD Services training student.

“The primary goal of Pedders association with Safetrek 4WD Services from day one has been to make more people aware of the correct way to set their vehicles up for safe and happy four wheel drive motoring,” says group marketing manager Adam Gillick.

“This is why we have split our range of TrakRyder Kits into 3 easy to understand kits – Touring for light users, Expedition for moderate users and Outback for heavy users. It helps people with all levels of knowledge about four wheel drives to determine what suits them best by their lifestyle choices – from commuter vehicles with general off road use (Touring Kit), those that carry heavy loads such as caravans or trailers (Expedition Kit) – to those frequent users of four wheel drives who also tow and carry heavy loads regularly (Outback Kit).

Jim Kennedy drives a 2012 Mazda BT50 dual cab ute. Fitted to the vehicle is a host of additional accessories such as bull bars and side bars, winch and a host of other regular four wheel drive accessories. The vehicle’s suspension was fitted with a custom TrakRyder suspension kit with heavy duty
TrakRyder Foam Cell shock absorbers
and heavy duty TrakRyder Springs being the obvious choice for the rigorous four wheel driving the vehicle does on a regular basis.

After the initial fitment of the new TrakRyder Suspension upgrade kit Jim said: “We had an advanced High Country course over the weekend. We tackled some of Victoria’s iconic 4WD tracks and a lot of these are very challenging to even the larger 4WDrives. The new suspension upgrades that you added to the BT50 have transformed the vehicle. It has improved its stability and road holding especially on higher speed gravel roads and it is now a dream to drive them. Off road which to me is the most important aspect of these modifications, it now has a lot more rear wheel travel especially in the droop condition which obviously helps to not only keep the rear wheels on the ground but does help in keeping the front wheels on the ground when travelling over moguly uneven surfaces. The way the vehicle handled the really tough terrain even astounded some of the experienced people on the course. The shockers showed no signs of any fading even after some punishing driving at higher speeds down from Howit Hut to Licola, which is a rough high speed gravel road.”

“We’re confident that this partnership with Safetrek 4WD Services will help us get word about safe and proper suspension setups to an even wider audience and encourage more people to give suspension upgrades a go,” said group marketing manager Adam Gillick.

Safetrek 4WD Services is steadily expanding the range of four wheel drive training courses found in its training facility. As such, just like a trip to the forest, Safetrek 4WD Services is a fantastic starting place for 4WD lovers to explore new territory – something Pedders offers, in particular through its range of new and upgrade suspension components that enable you to safely get to your destination.

“Safetrek 4WD Services is excited to be working with Pedders to support the idea of safe and happy four wheel driving,” says Safetrek 4WD Services owner and trainer Jim Kennedy. “What better way to explore the world of off road driving than at a Safetrek 4WD Services training course.

“At Safetrek 4WD Services our range of training courses are designed for both the general and the commercial four wheel driver. With options of basic, special and mechanical awareness you can be trained on how to confidently and safely explore our magnificent country.”

Training programs are available at Safetrek 4WD Services by viewing

You can also contact Jim Kennedy direct at

Pedders TrakRyder Suspension Kits are available for viewing via our website or you can contact your local Pedders outlet today by visiting the store finder section of our website.

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