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Pedders West Coast Customs Visit


USA June 2009
Pedders USA LLC recently worked with Ryan Freidlinghaus (CEO/Owner) and his team from Westcoast Customs (WCC) to install a complete Pedders Suspension SportsRyder kit to suit an 06 model retro Pontiac GTO conversion.
Included in the recently aired TV episode (which may be view on TLC and the Discovery Channel) Pete Basica (Pedders USA CEO) & Ryan Freidlinghaus (WCC) work together to complete the installation of the Pedders Suspension Sports Ryder Kit to suit the 06 model Pontiac GTO chassis with 69 body conversion.  Interestingly enough the car was built for Drifting Champion Tanner Faust (08 and 07 Formula Drift & Pro Drift Champion) who commissioned West Coast Customs to do the job.
Ryan says “Were gonna change over all the coils, to coilovers, add all new bushings, all new sway bars, basically make this car a road track ready car for Tanna’s success. What he’s gonna end up doing with this car is take it on the track and drive it fast.  We want to make sure he has the best of the best underneath it.”
“This is a good good suspension kit we put in it….I mean its simple 1, 2 ,3 boom!”
West Coast Customs is a car remodelling company started in 1993 by Ryan Friedlinghaus. It was located in Los Angeles but moved to Corona, California. The company gained celebrity status as being the former site for MTV’s show Pimp My Ride, hosted by Xzibit. It also appears in numerous locations in the video game, L.A. Rush. Now they appear on their own reality show on TLC and Discovery Channel called Street Customs, or Custom My Ride in the UK. The show still features some of the original cast from Pimp My Ride which includes: “Ishmael” or sometimes referred to as “Ish” (Interiors) and “Big Dane” (Shop Supervisor).
PeddersUSA LLC ( is the American Franchise to Australian Suspension giant Pedders Suspension (  Pedders Suspension was founded in 1950 and is Australia’s number 1 shock absorber steering and suspension franchise/dealer operation with over 120 outlets Australia wide.  Pedders Suspension. Straight advice specialists you understand and No Bull!
Pete Basica from Pedders USA LLC says:  “It was an awesome experience to work with Ryan, Sean and Joe at West Coast Customs. These guys are the real deal. Lost in the drama of reality TV is just how talented these guys are and the quality of the work they do. Drama creates ratings so detail work generally does not get air time. I wish it did. If you could see what I saw on this build, you would know that Sean and Joe are good enough to pass Roy Pedder’s most demanding welding test – in their sleep. When top quality companies like West Coast Customs seek out Pedders based solely on our reputation for quality and performance it reinforces our belief that a Pedders complete suspension solution approach is the best possible solution for a retail customer. As cool a it is to be part of Street Custom’s TV show, I am more proud and excited to be part of the Pedders organization. The Street Customs show validates our strategy and beliefs at Pedders in AU and the USA. We look forward to working with Ryan and West Coast Customs on future projects and shows.

Adam Gillick Pedders Suspension Group Marketing Manager says:
We are proud to be associated with Ryan and his team at Westcoast Customs.  The Pedders Suspension Sports Ryder eXtreme XA kit supplied for the GTO conversion will certainly provide Tanner Faust with some exciting times.  He should be able to push at least 1G through the corners in his new car.  We wish him well with the car and look forward to seeing his Pedderized Pontiac GTO on the track…No Bull”

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