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Pedders USA at Richard Petty Garage


This past week we spent time with Richard Petty and Greg Steadman of Petty’s Garage. They have built a special edition Petty Challenger that is nothing short of outstanding. Pedders is proud to have made a contribution to this build. The car features an Arrington built supercharged HEMI, Brembo GT Brakes, full Petty Suspension, Petty Chassis braces, custom made 19×10.5 Forgeline wheels shod with Bridgestone RE-11 305/30/19 rubber all around. The Petty Challenger will run in the same rarified air as our Mustang and Camaro. We base this statement on the data points we logged at VIR Wednesday. We know that the Petty Challenger is capable of 1.4 G sustained turns, ridiculous braking numbers and strong acceleration. Consider the VIR run a shakedown for the project. In the coming weeks Petty’s Garage will be headed to an Optima event and another track session. In preparation, Petty’s Garage will be refining the electronic controls for the engine, traction and stability control systems.

The car looks great and drives better than it looks. We expect that from every project we participate in and know how much effort goes into making the statement factual. We thank Mr. Petty, Greg and the TEAM from Petty’s Garage for their excellent work on this project and wish them the best of luck with the OPTIMA event. They will be in good company at the OPTIMA event with our friends from Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and their well prepared Camaro. It is my job to provide PG and LPE the support they need to finish 1st and 2nd at the event. The order of the finish between LPE and PG is in their hands 😉

Check out the In Car Video

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