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Pedders USA Achieves Platinum Status

Las Vegas USA – November 2018

Pedders USA has achieved platinum status with Sema Data Co-Op (SDC). Platinum is the highest status rating that can be achieved through the data management organization. This is awarded to SDC members with the highest quality catalogue & product data suitable for USA catalogue applications.

Pedders offers thousands of parts for hundreds of vehicle models in the USA and is a worldwide leader in aftermarket shock absorbers, steering, suspension and brake components. The company says it knows how important it is to provide the most robust data in an efficient manner to customers. Being Platinum status with SDC means Pedders USA has provided every applicable data field in the SDC scorecard. Platinum data provides nearly 60 PIES fields (product) and ACES data (application and fitment), making it a complete set of descriptions, images, videos, tariff codes and sales metrics. This data makes it easy for retailers to create impressive and informative product listings.

These information-rich product listings allow the consumer to gain a full understanding of what they are buying and how it will benefit them. According to SDC, end-users of the data are more likely to build listings from platinum suppliers than from suppliers with a lower data status.

Daniel Tong, of Pedders USA, said, “I’m so proud to have been able to achieve the platinum scorecard level with SEMA Data Co-Op with just over 12 months of data resources to build this platform. This speaks to the level of commitment that the Pedders USA Group has shown in providing consistently high-quality data to their receivers. Great data is a journey and beginning at Platinum level is a fantastic way to start.”