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Pedders TrakRyder Drum to Disc Conversion Kit gets thumbs up from Australian 4WD Action!

TrakRyder disc conversion kit article in 4wd action article

Pedders TrakRyder Drum to Disc Conversion Kit has been given the thumbs up from 4WD Action Australia, who reviewed the product in issue 294 of their magazine.

In his article, journalist Jock McDonald notes that not only does the kit offer a huge improvement in braking performance compared to OE drum brake setups, but additionally offers greater practicality for those drivers who frequently venture off-road.

McDonald explains the problem with a traditional rear drum setup when off-roading: “[usually] as you drive through even the smallest puddle or boghole, you’ll fill the internals of the drum with mud. Not only will this affect your braking performance, but the dirt and grime will also chew out the internal brake shoes and eventually they will need to be replaced.

He adds “fortunately, there is a solution! Pedders ‘TrakRyder’ disc brake conversion kit for the HiLux, Ranger, D-MAX and Navara 4WDs” and also notes that the “the kit comes with absolutely everything you need to convert your old drum rear to their ADR approved and tested disc brake rear end.

Once installed, the kit will ensure shorter braking distances on your vehicle, with independent Australian engineering tests showing a 21.4 metre reduction in braking distance from 100km/h on a vehicle with a GVM of 3140 kilograms – a huge improvement!

For more information on this kit, visit your local Pedders outlet and check out the video below.