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Pedders Suspension: Keeping you safe in 28 ways this Easter


Easter, tragically is a period of high drama on our roads caused by many people traveling by car to distant destinations. Pedders, the suspension specialists, recommend that motorists check the condition of their vehicle prior to making that long Easter journey. An important part of this condition check should be the vehicle’s suspension and steering systems which play a vital role in the handling and braking capability of the vehicle. Indeed worn steering and suspension components can dramatically reduce the overall safety of your vehicle.

At the forefront of Pedders, the industry’s undisputed leader in Suspension and Steering products and
servicing is their famous $14/28 Point Suspension Safety Check.

Pedders 28 Point Suspension Safety Check is made up of three significant parts.

The first important part of Pedders 28 Point Suspension Safety Check is a systematic and comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s entire steering and suspension system by Pedders trained technicians.

The second part of Pedders 28 Point Suspension Safety Check is Pedders unique ‘Drive-On’ Shock
Absorber Test*. This specialist piece of equipment graphically records the condition of your vehicles
shock absorbers.

Based of this wealth of information, the third part of Pedders 28 Point Suspension Safety Check is a skilled evaluation of the Undercar Check and Shock Absorber Test results. Should a vehicle require work to be carried out, Pedders will outline the available Pedders products and the options available. The Pedders 28 Point Suspension Safety Check is a completely obligation-free check, enabling customers to decide on what suits them best.

Pedders recommends that all vehicles have a 28 Point Suspension Safety Check every 6 months or
10,000km. To book your Pedders 28 Point Suspension Safety Check for only $14 call you local Pedders
outlet today.

Please note – Most Pedders Regional Authorised Dealerships do not own a Pedders Drive-On Shock Tester and therefore cannot perform a shock absorber test as part of their 28 Point Suspension Safety Check. Conditions apply see in store for details.