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Pedders Racing Proton takes Round 1 Victory


Australian Manufacturers Championship – Rd 1 Phillip Island Victoria
The J&A No Bull Racing Team were excited to take the First Round Victory over the more
fancied Maddison Gray in her Toyota Echo in yesterday’s second race. Having taken victory
in both races, Driver Grant Phillips could not wipe the smile off of his face or hide his

Race 2 was far more challenging for the Pedders Racing Proton, “Maddi’s Toyota
Echo had much better pace than in race 1” said Phillips, “It was a hard slog
trying to stay ahead of her, she can certainly drive the wheels of her little car and I hope
we get many more opportunities to race so close in this year’s Australian Manufacturers
Championship” he continued.
“I got lucky with some of the faster cars catching Maddi and holding her up just enough
so that I could get an extra second ahead of her and then slowly started to increase my
lead” said Grant. With the odd mistake coming down Lukey Heights because of an oil spill
in the previous state level race, Grant also gave time back. “I had a couple of moments
coming down Lukey Heights this weekend, yesterday’s oil spill and the saw dust almost
caught me out” he said.

Phillips and the rest of the team shared this race victory and dedicated it to their friend John
Burley after his pit garage accident the day before which meant he was unable to be there
for the final race. “We all wish to thank the fantastic staff of volunteers at Phillip Island this
weekend, particularly the unsung heroes of motorsports, the flag marshals.” Phillips said.
“All of our team have spent many races as officials, from flag marshal to Chief Track Marshal
and the Course Car Driver at Winton’s V8 rounds. We all appreciate the fantastic job that the
officials do at all levels and without their valued support we just couldn’t enjoy this
fantastic sport.” He continued.

“A very special Thank You must also go out to Team Medical; we hope the chocolate was
enjoyable. John’s surgery went very well and he will be joining us for Round 2 of the AMC
in 6 weeks time” said Grant.

A fantastic weekend of racing in a fantastic race series, the Bendigo based J&A No Bull
Racing Team and the Pedders Racing Proton can’t wait to get back to the Island and try
our hands at the first endurance race of the series.