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Pedders Racing makes podium finish


Just making it to the track for the 2014 Australian Manufacturers Championship at Sandown Raceway last weekend was an achievement for the Pedders Racing team. They began the competition from the marquees in the paddock – a sign of the last-minute entry.

Racing conditions in the untested Toyota were challenging, with a broken clock spring behind the steering wheel, no traction control, ABS, yaw or steering angle sensors in the practice sessions on Friday, as well as returning electrical problems from last season.

Phillips’ skill and calculated risks had the team sitting inside the top ten at the close of the first hour, in time for a mid-race refuel and driver change, when Turpie took the wheel.

Turpie began to experience breaking difficulties and made the call to bring the 2013 Class Championship winning 86 into the garage. The pressure of racing had melted the road spec Akebone Blue Box brake pads’ backing plate to the caliper piston. New partners Toyots R Us worked under pressure to fit the spare calipers, getting Turpie back on track and home to the checkered flag, finishing in a third in class podium finish.