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Pedders No Bull Triton gets the Midnight Express


In March 2007 Pedders Suspension started its sponsorship trail for the official custom options for the No Bull Triton. The response so far has been fantastic and we can officially confirm that we have secured several sponsors already so watch this space for further updates as this is going to be an exciting story for 2007.

First up we would like to welcome “Tint A Car” as our very first official sponsor of the No Bull Triton. Tint A Car are a national franchise group that have stores all over Australia.

We took the No Bull Triton down to our local Tint A Car store in Dandenong and met with Mile the proprietor. He was happy to tint the windows on the car for us and we must say that the service was fantastic. He supplied us with this high quality grade of window tint called Midnight Express. As you can see from the photos it makes the windows look very stylish with that dark tinted look to enhance the appearance of the No Bull Triton. Here are a few points of note with regard to the tint that we had installed.

Midnight Express Window Tint from Tint A Car:

  • – Darkest legal tint
  • – Maximum UV Protection
  • – Cuts heat by half
  • – Guaranteed not to crack or bubble
  • – Cuts glare by 60% plus
  • – Protects the dash from fading and cracking
  • – Improves safety – holds shattered glass   together in the event of breakage
  • – Nationwide Warranty

For further information or to contact your local Tint A Car outlet please log onto

Thanks to Mile Busljetta (Tint A Car Dandenong) and Peter Morgan (Tint A Car Head Office) for supporting us in this magnificent project.

Interested sponsors with suitable parts and accessories for the No Bull Triton may register their interest by contacting us at Pedders Head Office. A link is provided below:

Stay tuned for further updates!

“Vic Permit Number 70/1552”