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Pedders and HoonTV Mazda Mx5 project car


Pedders recently teamed up with independent film maker Mark Boxer to bring you the HoonTV Mazda Mx5 project car.  Mark was delighted with the performance of the new coil over kit.

“Earlier this year we put this video together of our MX5 being fitted with all new
Pedders eXtreme coil-overs
. Originally when we took the car to the Wakefield Park, just running the lowered springs we pulled out, the car managed a 1:16.3 with only a basic brake upgrade, intake exhaust and Advan AD08 tyres. We’re happy to say that with the eXtreme coil-overs fitted, we shaved off a whole second and got the car down to a 1:15.1. The amazing part too is that this was with no major adjustments to the suspension given the amount available and as the day progressed we suffered a sticky rear brake caliper which affected braking performance, yet were still able to go just as fast!

Big thanks to Adam Gillick from Pedders, as well as the team from Pedders Bankstown, Pedro, Allan and Dimitri.”

Be sure to check out the video and follow Hoon TV on facebook and also check out their official

YouTube Channel

Parts fitted:

Front & Rear Adjustable Coilovers – 160066 Extreme XA Coilover Kit
Front Sway Bar – BMF12Z Swaybar 24mm-H/D Adjustable
Rear Sway Bar – BMR12Z Swaybar 16mm-H/D Adjustable