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SportsRyder Performance Suspension Bushes For Precision Handling

Pedders Suspension has spent many years developing a comprehensive range of performance suspension bushes for all applications each designed to allow flexibility of movement for the entire suspension while maintaining correct mounting and alignment of individual parts. Check out our PDF brochure for more information on our range of Suspension Bushes.

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Key Features Of Our SportsRyder Performance Suspension Bushes

Failing to upgrade suspension bushes can lead to an unpleasant driving experience and mechanical damage to your vehicle, which is why it is essential that you upgrade these components as quickly as possible. Whether you need rubber or polyurethane bushes, Pedders offers state of the art performance suspension bushes for drivers in Australia.

Fine Tuned Performance Suspension Bushes For Precise Handling & Ride Control

Pedders sells a range of bushes and suspensions, made from different materials such as rubber, urethane and polyurethane. Call your local Pedders mechanics for a price on fixing or replacing your steering bushes.

SportsRyder Performance Suspension Bushes

Bushes for cars are used to position suspension and steering components such as sway bars, shock absorbers, torsion bars and control arms. In addition to this, some suspension bushes help absorb road shock and enhance comfort while others are designed to reduce noise vibration and harshness. Worn bushes can cause rapid tyre wear, loose or pulling steering and in some cases effect braking and handling.

Pedders Performance Suspension Bushes

Check out our range of Pedders SportsRyder Performance Suspension Bushes and Bush Parts and more for your vehicle.

Urethane Swaybar Link Bush (8 PKT) EP092



Urethane Swaybar Link Bush (6 PKT) EP3457



Urethane SwayBar D Bush 26mm (2 PKT) EP3392/26


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